Maison Roca was founded in Dubai by designer Colette Lewis after a lifelong obsession for marble.  This fascination began during childhood balmy summer trips to Greece where marble and onyx treasures were in abundance in tiny boutiques in the cobbled streets. This mighty stone graced the walls, floors and imposing columns in historic and important buildings and signifies opulence and true luxury.

Delivering the brands mission to fuse the elegance and rarity of natural stone with an emphasis on creating cool and modern designs. Bringing this trend into the 20's and creating tables we hope will last a lifetime.




Founder Colette Lewis



All of the Maison Roca tables are created in the UAE by highly skilled craftsmen who create our pieces with passion and expertise.  They work tirelessly and professionally to ensure your tables are perfectly made. 


Skilled stone mason at work


A special thank you goes to my right hand man, a master at work in making design dreams a reality, and a dear friend.


The stone slabs we source come from all around the world, and can originate from the quarries in Greece, Italy, Turkey, Iran, China and South America.  Each slab is handpicked for its beauty and individuality.  We firmly believe that every table has a perfect match in stone, we love seeing this fusion and creating something really special and unique.